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Need something to protect your shoulders from getting chilly in the evening? Want a garment you can rely on any time of the year? Are you a fan of classic understated luxury and fashion?

If you can tick all these boxes you no doubt need to add (or add some more) shawls to your wardrobe! These beautiful garments can be draped over numerous outfit combinations, are available in an assortment of styles, colours and materials; the only real challenge you face is finding the room to hang them!

Cashmere is a popular choice for shawls because of its soft, draping qualities. We have more luxurious cashmere garments on this page.


Banjo-&-Matilda---Cape-Shawl.jpg BANJO & MATILDA


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A real staple for your wardrobe, this traditional soft hand-knitted shawl with tassels will see you through the seasons and the years. A real must-have!


Burberry Equestrian Knight Cashmere Shawl BURBERRY


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Fashion-forward body wrapping accessories, Burberry creates unparalleled luxurious and warm wool, silk and cashmere shawls and scarves. Simply lovely!


Mayfair Valley Shawl Image MAYFAIR VALLEY


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A beautiful pashmina cashmere and silk shawl in autumnal cinnibar with hand beaded scalloped ends. Tonal red and gold beads provide a shimmer that makes this a stand-out shawl.


Wool Company Shawl image THE WOOL COMPANY


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Luxurious cashmere shawls made using the underbelly hair from goats living high in the Mongolian mountains. Soft, warm and versatile, this shawl is the perfect winter accessory.

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Esgyrn shawl

Uber Feature Company - Esgyrn

Esgyrn presents luxurious scarves, shawls and throws for both men and women. These fine fibre fashion pieces are ethically sourced from the Vicuna and Guanaco, Llama and Alpaca, with much of the raw material coming from the company's own herds, kept on a Welsh coastal farm.

Great gift ideas for loved ones (or yourself!), these incredibly soft, timeless fashion garments are the ultimate in understated luxury.